The mama of many blogging at Our Homeschool Studio reports a great experience with Logo Adventures for her 12-year-old daughter, teaching math the easy way!

She reported, “My daughter is really enjoying the creative side of these lessons.  I nearly burst her bubble when I shared recently how much math this is.  This has been such a fun experience for her, she hadn’t realized the application of math and thinking skills.  For this alone, I give Motherboard Books the highest praise!”

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Beth, blogging at Acorn Hill Academy, asked her husband Todd to oversee their two daughters on Logo Adventures, the computer programming/reasoning curriculum from MotherboardBooks.com.

“Logo Adventures,” wrote Todd, “teaches the basics of computer programming, and introduces the logic needed to be successful at it. I have found the lessons enjoyable myself, and the girls have found them fun and challenging. There were days where the ‘Logo Laptop’ was very heavily used at the expense of other subjects.”

Beth found it to be a good experience too. “I didn’t tell the girls they were going to learn good reasoning skills; they were excited to be doing something fun and connecting with their dad. My family really enjoyed using Logo Adventures. If you’re looking for computer programming curriculum that’s easy to teach and fun for the students, look no further!”

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Laura, writing at her blog “My (re)Viewpoint,” describes sending her nine-year-old son into the school room to introduce himself to MotherboardBooks.com’s curriculum Logo Adventures while she was busy. By himself? No problem! The kid dug right in.

“The lessons are so short, but so detailed and written directly to the student, that he had no problem at all working on them without me present. He very quickly caught on to how to ‘talk to’ the turtle and soon had deviated from the written directions to make the turtle draw figures of his own design. The fact that he could do so so quickly is a testament to how well the instructions are written.”

He’s been spending hours after school with Logo Adventures, in fact. “Nicky moved through the first part of the book within a few days, and had the most fun when he got to the animations section. In fact, I think the primary reason he has not finished the curriculum yet (yes, it is absolutely a year-long curriculum, but when you have an obsessive child, one of the benefits of homeschooling is that you can let him ‘play’ Logo for hours every day when school is over) is that he keeps repeating the first two animation lessons. The fact that he seems to think they are games rather than lessons is fine with me!”

Her parting thought? “This truly is a great find if you want to give your elementary student a crack at a computer programming class!”

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Logo AdventuresNine-year-old Mary is “enjoying this program immensely,” reports her mother, Susan, on her homeschooling blog, Homeschooling Hearts and Minds.  They are working on Logo Adventures, MotherboardBooks.com’s curriculum in programming and logic for students aged 8-12.

“I thought that my 13-year-old son was the computer geek around here…it turns out that my 9-year-old daughter is a bit of a geek, too,” Susan said. She reports Mary exercising creative juices alongside logical thinking patterns. “This has been excellent exercise for her logical thinking.”

Source: http://homeschoolheartandmind.blogspot.com/2013/06/logo-adventures-from-motherboard-books.html

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laptopErin D. and her 12-year-old daughter M. evaluated our ebook, Let’s Make a Web Page, and found it very useful. This ebook is a short-term project on making a simple Web page using a free-trial software download from a third party, CoffeeCup.

“Overall, I think that this is a very good value for the money and a good, not too involved, beginner project for a child who has an interest. I would buy it to use for D a couple of years from now and I think it would be a great introduction.” D is 5  years old.

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“AdoptionMom” and her 12-year-old son enjoyed making a Web page with our ebook, Let’s Make  Web Page. This ebook is a short exercise in constructing a Web page using a 30-day free trial of software offered by a third party, CoffeeCup.

“This was simple to use. This was a super easy process for our 12 year old. I did nothing but tell him where to find the links …;  he did the rest. He made a very cute web page to surprise his dad. I think kids around 9 and under would need some adult supervision with this.”

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Jody Sanders felt skeptical about an ebook that teaches young children to make web pages on their own. But she was willing to try it. She downloaded Let’s Make a Web Page and downloaded the needed free trial software for her two boys, ages 10 and 11, both of them adept at playing computer games. Then she left the room to work on sewing.

“The next time I saw one of the boys he had a web page with shooting fireworks and background images. He’d interviewed one of his sisters, learned how to search the internet for images and sound files, learned how to save them on the computer, and learned how to save his entire page and view it using a web browser. He’d also taken a picture of his sister from my computer and put it on the web page, front and center. And he’d done that all by himself.

“Skeptical no more! More like very impressed and excited.

“Both boys loved this program and both of them, in no time at all with very little assistance, had created really cool, exciting, full-of-neat-stuff web pages.”

See what else she said: http://www.becauseimme.net/2013/06/tos-review-lets-make-webpage.html

Photo by Jody Sanders, used by permission.

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