Testimonials: Pure and Simple

Computer Science Pure and Simple has been used and loved by many homeschooling families since it was introduced in 2003.

My son has enjoyed your Pure and Simple curriculum. He loves computers and it has been a tremendous way for him to learn."

Juanita Otieno, Brookhaven PA

I've spent this school year working through both Computer Science Pure and Simple Book 1 and Book 2. They have been extremely enjoyable for me. I started programming earlier this year at a class in which we used Microsoft Visual Basic. Needless to say, Logo is remarkably easier to understand and more enjoyable. Through your teaching on internet design, I'm currently designing a website for my church's youth group."

Nathan Harris, age 16, Lyman, ME. See Nathan's projects on our gallery page

I have been using your computer science program and I am really enjoying it. Usually I do what you tell me and then try to take it to a new level on my own.

"Once again, I really appreciate your course. I have always been extremely interested in computers, so I relish the opportunity to learn programming and advance any skills I have in that area. I hope you enjoy my programs, they took a lot of work, but I think the end result is worth it."

--Shane Smith, age 16, Kansas

Your course has been extremely helpful for us and I’m thankful that you have written it!!"

Tammy Zilinski, East Dundee IL

I have homeschooled my twin daughters now for eight years and for the last two years they have done your Computer Science Pure and Simple book one and book two and we have really enjoyed it.  It has also helped me to show our school district that we are trying to keep the kids up to date with doing computers. "

Susan Bizari, Rochester NY

Phyllis’ books are written to the child and are engaging and entertaining.  The activities are not dull and boring, but have the student doing skills that provide them with instant successful feedback.  I highly recommend these programs! "

Kim Kargbo, Olive Branch MS

Your course is very easy to use. I just handed it to my son and he started in on his own. He's loving it and has asked to go through the program faster than what I had scheduled for him. I see where learning Logo (or any computer language, for that matter) gets them started with the idea of how to 'talk' to a computer. He loves that he's making animations right away."

Kelly Stone, The Dalles OR

See some posts on the HomeschoolChristian.com message board.

We are using both Computer Science Pure and Simple and Logo Adventures. Both my children love them! Thank you for the great books and all that you do."

Debbie, Wilmington, DE

About a month ago I was praying for something new and exciting for my fifth grader who is homeschooling for the first time this year. I was struggling to make "school" fun so as to ease the transition from his previous school. I wanted him to feel like we have neat things "happening" here too. Seriously, in a dream I recalled my college Logo programming experiences and I woke up wondering, "Whatever happened to the Logo language? Kids would love Logo." (The only time I had ever seen it used was while student teaching in a school in England.)

"...Now that we own Microworlds and your easy-to-read and follow lessons, I think I have found the answer to my prayers. It is really a blessing as my son is so quick with electronics, as most children are, but has always struggled in school. We do not own or encourage video games so it is great to hear him saying, 'Well now I can write my own, Mom!'"

Jeanette H

I wish Tom was as excited about math and history as he is about computer!

My 13 year-old son, Tom, started the Computer Science Pure and Simple Book 1 just last week. I'm so happy to report that he absolutely loves working with MicroWorlds, and is flying through the lessons. He is working on his own, as we don't have a co-op in our area. He doesn't mind though, since he's able to go at his own pace. Thank you for providing this wonderful computer curriculum. It's great to have a lesson that he thinks is just plain fun!"

Becky Ascough, Lecanto, FL

Concerning Computer Science Pure and Simple, I would say that I was thrilled to find it because it seems that there is very little available which is appropriate for young learners. My son is thirteen, and once he got through the first couple of lessons, I couldn't get him to stop. He has programmed various games, including mazes, hangman, a house building game, and a Star Wars attack game. I highly recommend it."

Judy Jenkins, Delmar DE

I am a sophomore in high school, and this exciting program is my favorite subject in school!"

Stephen Smith, age 15, working his way through Book 1

Thank you so much for the books (Computer Science Pure and Simple and Logo Adventures). I have four children whom I homeschool, and now there are arguments over who uses the computer. The books are great. Once again many thanks."

From Katie Bennett,Warooka, South Australia

(My 16-year-old son) at first thought he already knew it all. But when he got into the book, he realized that it was telling him just what he needs to know--how a computer works."

Deb E., St. Louis MO

I have to start by saying this is a dream come true for homeschooling parents who want to teach their children computer skills! ...The book is well designed and easy to use. Each lesson is very detailed and includes graphics--but not so detailed that you get lost. You will get immediate results when you follow the instructions to the letter--but if you have problems the answer key is included. I love that this book teaches you everything from animations to viruses!

"We found this program was easy to follow and fun to use. I thought I was computer-literate but this book taught me a thing or two! My children loved watching their work actually WORK when they did what the book instructed. ...I would strongly recommend this curriculum to anyone wanting to learn some basic computer skills that includes adults and students! ..."

Anissa DeGrasse for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

From the very first lesson, we found this program to be well organized and easy-to-understand. ... My (12-year-old) son was able to work through the lessons with very little help from me. ... My son completed several lessons in one week. ... My son LOVED learning Logo! In fact, even if he didn't do any of the other lessons in the book, the exposure to MicroWorlds and the Logo language makes this book worth the price. ...

"I can't say enough about the MicroWorlds component - if your child is even remotely interested in programming/video games, this is the best way to give them a feel for what it is like to develop their own programs. The lessons for all of the topics are presented so well that most students can work through the course independently. I eagerly look forward to reviewing future products from Motherboard Books!"

Cindy Prechtel, Editor, Homeschooling from the Heart

"Computer Science Pure and Simple for Homeschoolers is an excellent introduction to three of the most common ways that people interact with computers: office skills, computer programming, and website design...

"Computer Science Pure and Simple for Homeschoolers gets kids working immediately taking what they read and applying it. The instructional detail is just right, not over explaining and thereby confusing, nor skipping steps that may be intuitive to more experienced computer users.”

Beverly Krueger, Eclectic Homeschool Online

This (Book 1) is a good introductory course for those with little hands on computer experience.

Concerning Book 2, "This book, like the first, is first rate for beginning programmers. Its engaging style makes it very fun to work with."

Elliot Robinson, age 14, a reviewer at www.HomeschoolChristian.com

Thanks so much for your help in educating our kids. You certainly do use the gifts you've been given for the betterment of so many."

Doreen Wood, Auburn CA

...A decent introduction to how to use some of the applications on your computer, what programming is and how to design a web page, making it worthy of your consideration. ... The choice of MicroWorlds Logo programming is a good one. These sections will guide you through the basic steps of starting to program and give you a good basis for understanding what programming is."

Theresa M. Schultz-Jones writing in Practical Homeschooling Magazine Issue Number 61 Fall/Winter 2004

Computer Science Pure and Simple Book 2 is obviously an extension of the course in Book 1, but delves deeper and focuses in more on the fun of game programming. Book 2 is for more intermediate or a bit more advanced students, Motherboard recommends 7th grade age and up, and is the same in its nice spiral-bound, soft cover, but is 175 pages containing 31 lessons with answers. Book 2 teaches creating a website and learning how to put it up on the web! It also gives instruction on programming calculations into an Excel spreadsheet, as well as creating your own more complex games, and more!

"Computer Science Pure and Simple books use MicroWorlds software, and children can use this program independently or along side their parents! The instruction is very simple to understand, they instruct step by step, make learning computer language seem a lot less intimidating and therefore makes it enjoyable to learn for any age!

"I would highly recommend Computer Science Pure and Simple, as it gives our children and us a very good foundation in computer basics and beyond!"

Lisa Barthuly & Family writing for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine website