Jody Sanders felt skeptical about an ebook that teaches young children to make web pages on their own. But she was willing to try it. She downloaded Let’s Make a Web Page and downloaded the needed free trial software for her two boys, ages 10 and 11, both of them adept at playing computer games. Then she left the room to work on sewing.

“The next time I saw one of the boys he had a web page with shooting fireworks and background images. He’d interviewed one of his sisters, learned how to search the internet for images and sound files, learned how to save them on the computer, and learned how to save his entire page and view it using a web browser. He’d also taken a picture of his sister from my computer and put it on the web page, front and center. And he’d done that all by himself.

“Skeptical no more! More like very impressed and excited.

“Both boys loved this program and both of them, in no time at all with very little assistance, had created really cool, exciting, full-of-neat-stuff web pages.”

See what else she said: http://www.becauseimme.net/2013/06/tos-review-lets-make-webpage.html

Photo by Jody Sanders, used by permission.

Category : Computer skills for kids